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Keith Urban says parenthood is "pure bliss": On his website, Keith Urban, 40, wrote of his 10 day-old daughter Sunday Rose with Nicole Kidman: "Like any of you who are parents yourselves, we're experiencing the pure bliss of welcoming her into our lives. We're all doing superbly well and we continue to be absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and well wishes we are receiving." Urban also said he "can't wait" for Saturday night's concert in Philadelphia: "My first gig as a father!"Mother saves daughter from drowning: A mom rescued her 4-year-old daughter from death after the girl's arm got stuck in a pool drain on Wednesday. The little girl Rose was playing in the pool when her arm got stuck in a suction drain. In seconds, she was unconscious. After finally pulling her out of the pool, her mom administered CPR she learned nine years ago, and revived her daughter. Rose is being monitored at Miami Children's Hospital, to make sure her lungs are functioning properly.Teen at Guan...
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